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Lab Equipment:

S.R.Trading has been a leader in the lab supply distribution business since 1994. Since then, we have adapted our business to the changing environment in the business world. However, our dedication to the Customer and our commitment to quality has remained constant with full experience in 3 different disciplines: Biomedical Lab Equipment, Electrical Engineering and Educational Teaching Aids. Since establishing, S.R.Trading has achieved and won many projects in both governmental and private sectors in the Bangladesh market We are ready to be active partners and distributors for any manufacturer working in producing such a range of products. We have full experience about the nature and the needs of our market.

  1. Innovative products and name brands at discount prices.
  2. Technical support on all of our products.
  3. Dedicated local account managers get you what you need.

Medical Instrument:

S.R.Trading Medical Instruments Supplier, which was founded in 1994, Over the past 10 years, as a window of foreign trade of the Bangladesh medical industry, S.R.Trading has been conducting extensive exchanges and friendly co-operations with domestic and overseas companies on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and win-win, and has been active in economic and technological co-operations and foreign trade activities of all forms, greatly supporting the healthy and rapid development of Bangladesh's medical industry.

For a long period of time, S.R. Trading has managed brilliant achievements in the development and operation of its products. It has been leading in Bangladesh in the import volume of medical device.

We are professional medical equipments and Beauty Equipments suppliers over 10 years and have exported goods to more than 100 countries. We are serious and take quality as number one; all our cooperated manufactories are with good quality and good reputation in china. All of our factories have ISO certificate, some have CE and FDA certificates.

Our major products includes : Titanium Ophthalmic Instrument: Forceps; Needle Holders; Scissors; Probes,Hooks and spatulae;Lasik Instrument;Vitreo-Retinal Instruments; Cannulas etc.

Titanium Surgical Instrument: Haemostatic Forceps;Vascular Clamps; Dissectors;Miscellaneous Instruments;Retractor etc.

Medical Equipment: Andrologic collection series: Andrologic Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Workstation; Color Sperm Analysis System; Automatic Semen Collection & Penis Erection Analysis System; Male Sexual Dysfunction Terapeutic Machine etc.

Infection & Digestive disease: Hepatopathy Therapeutic Apparatus; Ascites Dialytic Ultra-filtration & Reinfusion System; Artificial Liver Support System etc.; Internal secretion & nephrosis; Nephrosis Therapeutic Apparatus; Diabetes Therapeutic Apparatus etc.

Brain-Edema Monitor; Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter; Capsule endoscope ; Mammography machine; X-ray: Panoramic X-ray Unit For Oral Examination, Dental X-ray, X ray film reader, HF C Arm, Remote controll X-ray, HF 70mA/200mA mobile X-ray machine, 300mA, 500mA X-ray machine; X-ray film Processor, X-ray protection products etc.

Lab equipment: Fully Auto biochemistry, hematology, urine analyzer, Parting Laser Perfortor, Chenmiluminescence lmmunoassay Analyzer etc.

Ventilator: Anesthesia; Ultrasound; Monitor; Doppler; O.T Table; Light Hospital bed: stretcher ECG; Infant incubator; Warmer; Autoclave; etc.

Beautiful Equipments: Fitness Machine IPL; E-light; RF; Laser; Intraoral camera; Dental blender; Teeth whitening machine etc.

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